Seeker Locke

Seeker Locke exterior

A fascinating shop with a lot of eye appeal has its doors for business in Locke. Located at 13952 Main Street, SEEKER LOCKE brands itself as a vintage store. Sale items include art, jewelry, hand crafted items, modern & vintage clothing, ethnic pieces, rugs, kitsch and a ton of oddities. Owner/operator Virginia (Ginny) Giles states it succinctly: “SEEKER LOCKE is a mixture of retro and modern”. Eclectic would also be a good adjective.

SEEKER LOCKE conducts business in a significantly historic structure. Built in 1915 by Locke principal founder Lee Bing, the building was later sold to Key Sing who operated a pool hall and beer joint. After the pool hall it became the town barbershop run by a Japanese barber from Isleton. Then it became a for-rent social hall owned by twelve local men who branded it the Tenderloin Twelve or simply “The T-12”. It was then sold to Locke businessman and Locke Foundation Vice Chairman Clarence Chu who operated the Locke Art Center for many years. Now Chu rents the space to Ginny Giles for her new business venture.

Locke is a perfect backdrop for Giles’ other interests. She is a fine artist and talented photographer. She has a keen sense of style, dressing herself and her patrons in modern and vintage fashions from her variegated racks. She also has a strong sense of community. She supports local artists and craftspeople by offering a venue to display and sell their works. She has been coming to the Delta since she was 16 years old. (She won’t say how long that’s been).

Giles: “Locke has always been my favorite town to explore and experience. It has a strong sense of history. It’s filled with stories. It’s mysterious. I am so fortunate to have landed here in Locke”.

Store Hours: Friday-Sunday 11am to 5pm. Closed Monday-Thursday

Contact: or Facebook: Seeker Locke