Locke Chinese School Museum

History of the Joe Shoong School

The Joe Shoong School House was built in 1915 funded by the Kao Ming Tong. The building was used by the KMT members as a meeting place and also used by the Locke community as a town hall. In 1926 with funding from the Nationalist Party of China, it became the National School, a place for “after school” children to learn Cantonese reading and writing skills.  The school was called Kao Ming School. Chinese children attended this school after a full day of studies at their regular public school. The school was closed around 1940 for a few years. The School house was refurbished in 1952 with funding from Joe Shoong, founder of the National Dollar Store and later named after him. A millionaire, Shoong promoted Chinese language, art and culture. The school was closed in the mid-eighties due to the decreased youth population and lack enrollment. To learn about Joe Shoong please see the Spring Newsletter 2013.
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The Chinese school building is now a museum and open to the public free of charge. Currently two giant bronze busts commemorating Sun Yat-sen and Confucious sit before its entrance. A gift from the Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government of China.The busts are a reminder of Sun Yat-sen’s vision of a democratic modern China and Confucious philosophy. Both have influenced and inspired people from around the world.

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Hours: Friday 11am to 4pm
Saturday, Sunday 11am to 4:30pm
Closed Monday-Thursday

Address: 13920 Main Street, Locke
Contact: 916.776.1661
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