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There is a plethora of Locke material one can discover both in print and on the internet. Some are historical records  and others are reflections from visitors and journalists who promote a vital part of California’s history, the American West and the first Chinese to immigrate to the United States.


Sacramento County Historial Society

International World History Project:
‘Asian Americans’

Heritage We Renounce, ‘Delta Blues: Chinese Workers and the Building of the CA levee 1860-1880′

Chinese in Northwest America Research Committee

SFSU Asian American Studies | essays

Historical Architecture Buildings Survey

National Parks Service ‘Locke and Walnut Grove: Havens for Early Asian Immigrants’

In the Press

Structure destroyed by fire in historic Chinese town of Locke July 3, 2016

Master Ning Hou donation of three major commissioned oil paintings to the Stanford University East Asia Library

Locke defines its place in history by Jessica Kwong

In Locke, The Past is Growing by Andrea Thompson, Edible Sacramento

New Yorker, ‘The Last Chinatown’ by Calvin Trillin

Newsweek, ‘Keep Locke Weird’ by Alexander Nazaryan

KCET ‘From Gold Mountain to Orange Farms’, By Ed Fuentes

SF Examiner, ‘Locke, A Ghost town in the Sacramento River Delta, California’ by Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Leadership Training Room, Locke: America’s Last Rural Chinese Town’ by professor Leigh

VIA Magazine, ‘California Delta: Locke’ by Josh Sens River News Herald

Record.net: ‘Locke Dusts Off Forgotten History’ by Jennifer Torres

Locke, 2010 by Luis Sinco, LA Times

Locke, 2010 by Luis Sinco, LA Times

Locke Garden Restaurant owner, 'Keep Locke Weird' Newsweek,2014

Locke Garden Restaurant owner, Catherine Zhang ‘Keep Locke Weird’ Newsweek, 2014

Yumi, Stuart Walthall, Brason Alexander Moon Cafe,Locke 2010   Video interview with Connie King, 2009