The Locke Demonstration Garden

Previous resident, Connie King  grew a few Chinese vegetables along with an assortment of other vegetables and an array of flowers. Her plot showed the remnants of its previous gardener, her late husband Tom King. Tourists would often find her in the plot and she was delighted to give them a tour and the opportunity to teach them about the history of Locke. 

Since Connie passed away, volunteers for the Locke Foundation have turned her old plot across from her former home on Key Street into a Chinese vegetable demonstration garden. Each year several residents have cultivated a variety of traditional Chinese vegetables. We have grown, long beans or dow gok, bok choy, see gwa, dong gwa, foo gwa, poo gwa, and gow choy along with a couple of strawberry plants for the children. If you are not familiar with these vegetables, come visit the garden this spring and summer!

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At the entrance to the garden plot we have displayed Connie King’s Toilet Garden. Donated by her family and recreated by artist and Locke Foundation board member, Brock Alexander. This whimsical display holds cacti and succulents that can with-stand the heat of the summer.The demonstration garden is included in the Locke Foundation tours and has relied solely on donations from the public and volunteers. Some visitors to Locke who admired Connie’s toilet garden have donated cacti and seeds. 

We look forward to this spring’s next crop and encourage all donations as we continue to educate the public about traditional Chinese vegetables and the history of the Pearl River Delta.