The Tile Project

Tile Wall photo from July 2015

Today the walls standing within Locke’s lovely Memorial Park are adorned with hundreds of memorial tiles whose messages of love and respect shall remain as tribute for generations to come. Not only can you honor a current or departed loved one with the placement of a memorial tile, but you can also commemorate an inspirational individual. Funds raised through memorial tile sales help to ensure the continued operation of the Locke Foundation whose sole purpose is the preservation of Locke’s colorful history and culture.

Personalized engraved ceramic tiles are permanently placed on a wall in Locke Memorial Park.  The ceramic tiles have black-laser engraving in Chinese characters and/or in English. Your purchase is a tax deductible charitable contribution.

Donation of $150 for a 4”x8” tile

(3 lines of text, 20 characters per line)

Donation of $300 for an 8”x8” tile

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To participate in the Tile Project, fill out the Tile Project Form
and mail form to:
Locke Foundation
Fundraising Tile Project
P.O. Box 1085 Walnut Grove, CA 95690


Tile Size

Please allow 8-10 weeks for fabrication and installation of your tile in the Memorial Park.
Tile purchase is tax-deductible.


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