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The building of the Moon Cafe located on Main Street was the first building built for Lee Bing, co-founder of Locke.  Lee operated a dry goods, hardware, and houseware store, as well as an herbal medicine counter.  He also owned two gambling halls, a restaurant, and had many other business interests.

Today Historic Moon Café Gallery is a collaborative art gallery founded by Locke artists.  Once the home of the original Moon Cafe Chinese Restaurant the gallery offers a mix of eclectic and creative works of art, along with practical crafts. Resident artists display an array of paintings, sculptures, woodcraft, and weavings.  You will also find jewelry, toys, books and handmade soaps, along with classic souvenir Locke T-shirts, mugs, and other gift items.Attend one of the Moon Cafe’s monthly open house events or simply relax on the couch, mingle with friends or use the free Wi Fi.  In 2015 they will open up their ‘cafe’ section to offer visitors food and drink.

Went home to the Chinatown where I grew up, Locke, California. Glad to see the Moon Cafe open again as an art gallery. This building was my grandfather’s headquarters for his varied business in California and Oregon early last century. Even at 10:30 this morning, the town was full of visitors. -Jeff Kan Lee, 2013

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Hours: Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 12-5pm
Address: 13955 Main Street Road, Locke
Contact: 916.776.1780
Email: brockalex(at)

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