The Locke Foundation is working on the River Road Beautification Project.  Its purpose is to help restore building fronts and facades to their historic appearance. We have long term plans for sidewalk repairs and for historic signage to be used as part of the Locke Centennial Building Genealogy Survey spearheaded by Locke Foundation member, Stuart Walthall. This comprehensive program involves cataloging, preserving, displaying, and storage of historic artifacts, photographs, and archival materials.

The Locke Foundation relies on volunteers and their own board members to volunteer at the Locke Boarding House Visitors Center, keeping its doors open to the public four days a week. The Foundation volunteers who donate their time to the Visitors Center not only offer our guests a friendly and knowledgeable introduction the Locke, but also strive to increase awareness and encourage participation in the preservation of Locke’s unique legacy.

We rely on volunteers and to utilize funds raised through memberships, events, sales, and most importantly, your generosity. Let’s keep preserving and celebrating Locke’s living legacy!

Please contact volunteer(at)locke-foundation.org if you would like to participate in our volunteer  program.

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The Locke Foundation is always seeking volunteers willing to devote their skills and experience toward our dedicated mission. Individuals whose interests include archiving,  translation, tour guides and fundraising are especially welcome.

The Foundation will also be initiating its Oral History Project designed to record and preserve the priceless life stories of individuals whose connections to Locke’s past are quickly and quietly dwindling. Oral histories are time consuming, costly and involve a number of individuals dedicated to the process of interviewing, recording, and transcribing the living memories of Locke’s historic past. A fund is being created specifically for this Oral History Project and your donations to the project will help ensure that Locke’s rich past will be permanently archived for future generations to value and enjoy.

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