Places to stay

Lock Building Survey, 1970

Lock Building Survey, 1970

Walnut Grove

The Bartlett is a perfect place for family gatherings, retreats, birdwatching groups, and more. There is a complete kitchen available, and The Bartlett can be rented as a house, sleeping 10.
Contact: (916) 228-9515
Email: thedeltabartlett(at)
Reservations are available through

Grand Island Mansion and Spa:
13415 Grand Island Road, Walnut Grove
Elegant 59 room mansion which has 7 bedroom suitesCalifornia Country dining Will accommodate houseboats.
Contact: 916.775.1705

Miyazaki Bathhouse & Vacation Rental
Full kitchen facilities, dinning room, two separate sleeping areas and old world tea parlor. For overnights with exclusive Bathhouse privileges we have several packages to choose from depending on how many people and what level of privacy you desire.
Contact: 916 776-4290 or 415 793-6813
Email: info(at)

The Ryde Hotel: 14340 Hwy 160, RydeHotel, restaurant and bar, special event facilities, executive retreats, swimming pool, golf (9 hole par 3) glowball golf and golf tourneys. Will accommodate houseboats.
Contact: 916.776.1318