Things to Do

In the last two decades the Locke Foundation has established and contributed to a renaissance of Locke. Far from a ghost town, one can easily spend half a day in Locke. Check opening hours before you visit or make an appointment for a tour!

A small town with the most museums per capita, Locke is the the only surviving American rural Chinatown. Discover Locke’s venues and its local eccentricity such as: Al’s dollar bill ceiling, Brock’s Abraham Lincoln WC, Connies’ toilet garden, a palm reading… You name it, Locke’s got charm and intrigue.

Discover the great shots taken by visiting professional and amateur photographers on our Great Wall of Locke and our feature on-line gallery, Locke Through Visitors’ Eyes.  We hope you enjoy Locke, learn about its Chinese American history and contribute to sustaining the rich cultural heritage of the Delta.

photo by Sally Chisom, 2013

photo by Sally Chisom,2013

Video by John Calise, 2013