Locke Art Studio

Artist Joy Kuo and the Lock Art Studio

Artist Joy Kuo is a perfect fit for the town of Locke. Her delicate hand infused Chinese brush paintings blend eastern sensibilities with western energy, mirroring Kuo’s own life direction and Locke’s historic and cultural legacy.

Joy has firmly planted her eastern roots in Locke with the opening of her Locke Art Studio, a working art studio located at 1265 Levee Street. (south-east corner of Main and Levee Streets).

Joy was born in Guangxi Province, China. At the age of five, she and her family moved to Taiwan where she was raised and educated. After receiving an education in accounting, she went to work in business administration. In 1983, at the age of 37, Joy immigrated to the U.S. where she continued her accounting career for another 17 years before retiring. She is a mother of two and is enjoying a second chapter in her life – the life of an artist. Following her retirement, Kuo dedicated herself to the study of art. She attended college art classes, intentionally studying with numerous teachers who offered instruction in a variety of styles, techniques and media. She studied figure drawing, water color, oil, pencil and her specialty: Chinese brush ink art. It was Joy’s affinity to ink brush painting that inspired her to seek and find a private master teacher of that ancient technique, an instructor with whom she currently studies.

Kuo creates her ink brush paintings primarily on silk but also utilizes paper. “I like to share the creative experience with others. I enjoy interacting with those who visit my studio as I work”.

Locke Art Studio: Tuesday-Thursday 11:30am to 4:30pm; Friday-Sunday 11:30am to 5pm; Closed Monday