Locke Centennial Building and Genealogy Survey

This archive project will create a 100 year timeline for each historic structure of the town. This historical data will include information such as: the identities of families and family members who lived in a given building along with dates in which they occupied it. Plus, any biographical information pertaining to the family will be entered in the building’s timeline. This project is directed by Locke resident and partner of the Moon Cafe, Stuart Walthall.


We are seeking historic materials related to Locke.  If you could provide any of the below they would greatly appreciate and acknowledge your support! For more information call 916.489.1508 or email: stuartwalthall(at)aol.com

  • Historical Photographs of Locke
  • Historical Materials Related to Locke
  • Information of former Locke residents
  • Donations to Help Fund the LCBS
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Please send materials to:

Stuart Walthall 
Centennial Building Survey/ Building Genealogy Survey 
P.O. Box 800 
Walnut Grove CA 

or email: stuartwalthall(at)aol.com

We would like to thank the following individuals who have permitted use of their photographs for the website:

Chris Austin
Wayne and Judy Bayliff
Gerhard Bock
Joe Chan
Sally Chisom
Bo Ching
Clarence Chu
Jennifer Davis
Allison Brooke Eastman
Angie Eng
Margie Ganger
Gemma Geluz
Jonathan Haeber
Margaret and Tom Husband
David Lobenberg
Ron Nabity
Jack Jue
Pat and Ali
Pedro Marenco
Gene McKinnon
James Motlow
Laura Nelson
David Olivarez
Tina Vines
Stuart Walthall
Nancy Yu