Stakeholder Engagement Committee Report for the Delta Tunnel Project

On May 2, 2019, all approvals of California WaterFix were withdrawn and the DWR initiated a new planning and environmental documentation process for a proposed Delta Conveyance Project. The role and authority of the DCA during the new Planning Period was agreed in an Amendment to the JEPA (Amendment No. 1, June 27, 2019)

DWR is the owner, operator and water right holder for the State Water Project and, if approved , the proposed Delta Conveyance Project and is responsible for providing direction and oversight of all DCA Activities

Stakeholder Engagement Committee (SEC) under DCA

Technical/Engineering Feedback
Committee provides a forum for Delta stakeholders to provide input and feedback on technical/ engineering issues related to the DCA’s current activities.

Discuss Measures to Offset Effects
Opportunity to identify engineering and design considerations that would avoid, reduce or offset effects from constructions and facility siting.

Connect to Community Groups
Committee members can relay information between their respective groups and the Stakeholder Engagement Committee.

Delta Tunnel Project Reports