The Locke Foundation Oral History Project


Download Chinese Women of the Delta


Locke Foundation has initiated a new Oral History Project, a program to collect interviews of past and present residents and families of the Sacramento Delta. These interviews will be preserved for future generations, made available to scholastic institutions, historians, media and the public.

The Foundation is reaching out to anyone who may be interested in participating. Please contact the Locke Foundation through Honey Lum at or Locke Foundation PO Box 1085, Walnut Grove, Ca. 95690 Attn: Honey Lum. Or call Corliss Lee at 925-683-1776.

Just as IMPORTANT, we need your tax deductible monetary support by making a donation (no donation is too small or too large) to help us succeed in preserving the past. Please make checks payable to: Locke Foundation and mail to: Locke Foundation Oral History Fund/Donation, PO Box 1085, Walnut Grove, Ca. 95690. Attn: Corliss Lee