Award for Scholarly Excellence

L-R: Joyce Eng, Hannah Humas, Tom Dumas, Clarence Chu

L-R: Joyce Eng, Hannah Dumas, Tom Dumas, Clarence Chu, 2013

Locke Foundation Award for Scholarly Excellence is given to Delta area high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence and community involvement over a number of years. The contest is open to high school students in the River Delta School District. Contestants are required to submit an essay on ‘How will I Help Preserve the History of Locke and Maintain its Cultural and Historical Significance?’  Information on the third Annual Essay Contest will be distributed to Delta high schools in early 2015 .

The award was made possible through a generous donation by Mrs. Winnie Ling of Sacramento. The Locke Foundation Award for Scholarly Excellence for 2014 was presented to Kayla Danielle Oglesby of Rio Vista High School.

In 2013 the Award was presented to Hannah Dumas of Rio Vista High School. Hannah was a graduating senior and valedictorian from Rio Vista High School.